1. studio_c

    Manapond and prestiging change

    Me and some others all agree that Mana pond is way to competitive now. It's deterring people from prestiging because it is simply too hard to get any catchs when there are people there with over 1k monthly event score. its not fun for older players either. I think the prestige requirement for...
  2. Niels0507

    Important Should we remove void?

    Hey, I am making this poll to see what the kitpvp community would like when it comes to void and the tunnels. Therefor have I created a poll so you can voice ur opinions. I gave 3 possible answers but you are also allowed to comment other suggestions about void and the tunnels. Use this thread...
  3. HereticBeatle

    Best game

    best games
  4. HereticBeatle

    Whats the best skill to learn?

    Whats the best skill to learn?
  5. Dacon

    Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

    Hey everyone This is a crucial poll regarding our beloved Parkour server. The team has been discussing the next parkour update, and if we should pursue updating to 1.20, or remain on 1.8. The update is still many months out, but we need to poll this now Below are some key differences that...
  6. LunarLuuna!

    The Plan For the Reef -

    Heya everyone! I have come to an verdict and have decided to choose these next few areas as a plan to expand the reef! The question is.. Which one shall we do first! I am letting you, the community, decide the path the reef takes!
  7. Lofi

    Favourite Manacube Server

    Hi everyone! I figured I'd put together a fun little poll and see what everyone's favourite server on Manacube is! I think it'll be quite... interesting, to say the least. I'd also love to see some people's reasons as to why they feel as though that server is their favourite! Have fun, everyone!
  8. Zim

    POLL: What do you like the most? Passive incentive from playtime, or grinding mindlessly for incentive?

    With one, you get to do what you want and improve at what you want, and with the other, you get to become really good at one thing: gaining points and spending hours on end grinding something. What do you like the most of these two, and why?
  9. bobbyboilol

    Coke or Pepsi

    I dont really drink soda anymore but they taste the same to me. Whats your opinion?
  10. Aztec

    What is the best starburst flavor?

    I have heard this being discussed in the parkour server and that someone would make a poll to prove what one was the best but I don't think it has ever been created so here it is.
  11. Digestedmonk928


    Do you save or sell your cubits?
  12. Chandelier_

    Votes have been registered!

    :mc_e_3:Alrighty aphrodite, the votes have decided..... With 8 votes was the "Underground fairy thingy" And with 6 votes was "Fairy forest" Soooooooooo i'm doing both! it'll be tough but 100% worth it. Thank you all so much for your votes and comments <3 :mc_e_3:
  13. xEricL

    [POLL]: Is it unfair that sell-wands & infinity chests can't go into /resetvault? [VOTE]

    How do you feel about this? Please share your opinions by voting using the link below! [Maximum 1 Vote per day.] https://vote.pollcode.com/36983627 In addition to voting, please feel free to leave your opinions below :)
  14. Swifhty

    What do you like most on kitpvp?

    I like it that all kits are close to each other like that it is possible that a leather guy can kill a VIP or VIP+ or MVP kit it makes me think that it's fair, my thoughts on it is that all kits are fair
  15. Swifhty

    KitPvP Kits

    Well i think personally that their good enough, but i still wanna know everyone's opinion on this
  16. Swifhty

    Kit-PvP Poll

    I find kitpvp sometimes hard and sometimes easy but it also depends if i'm rusty or not
  17. Wilbo

    ads don't work (answer poll)

    answer the poll and comment if dacon should finally acknowledge the community and try do something about(he probably wont)
  18. Dacon

    Parkour 2.0 + Important Poll

    Parkour 2.0 will be releasing early November Here is sneak peeks of some new upcoming features & changes Our first Adventure "Champion" map The build team has been hard at work on our first Adventure/Champion map. Haven't decided if we are going to be calling them Adventure or Champion maps...
  19. Dacon

    Celebrating 4 Years

    It's our birthday! Today ManaCube turns 4 years old - Thank you all so much! UPDATES 6 New Enchantments 6 new enchantments have been released on Skyblock, Survival and Islands. [Boots] [Rare] Gears - Gives speedboost [Armor] [Rare] Tamer - Spawns in a wolf (+1 for every level) that fights...
  20. Leapinglizard101

    Survival Wipe on Saturday!

    Most people are excited for the wipe on Saturday of survival but the other half of the people aren't happy because all their things will be destroyed. To make sure both sides are happy the server should really think of our voting system for this although my stance is happiness. I'm very excited...