1. QueenCripple

    Mana Pond Balancing [ Earth ]

    As a new player, I found the concept of the Mana Pond fun and intriguing! At first. I soon found it to instead be frustrating, disheartening, and demotivating. I require 23 Mana Pond catches to prestige just once, but after 5 days of playing, am still at 3/23. I thought it may just be a skill...
  2. HeuristicsInc

    Rewards are amazing!

    Love those cubits.
  3. HeuristicsInc

    Even more rewards :)

  4. HeuristicsInc

    Sure do like those rewards

    Easy cubits? Easy cubits.
  5. Acrellux

    Give users a warning if they create a thread simply just to get a reward

    Yes, I know I'm a bit late to address this, but people are still creating threads with the titles "I'm only doing this for rewards." I think that this is a very easy way to cheat out of making a thread that has some sort of value, and that it's spammy overall. I think that there should be a...
  6. Castle

    Separate monthly key claims

    Because I paid for MVP in prison and VIP in parkour I thought monthly key claims would remain separate to their own local servers. If I have MVP on the prison server I should be able to claim my rewards up to MVP and claim my monthly VIP reward on parkour, which makes sense. But when you claim...
  7. 808080808080

    Ocean Crate Top #5 Rewards

    Any ideas when the Ocean Crate Top #5 Rewards (Penguin Plushie) will be given out? I finished #1 on Skyblock with 144 keys opened! :O
  8. ThommyBacoow

    Watch An Ad

    Is it me or isn’t it possible to watch an ad? Every time I do /ad and click on it it keeps saying “No Ad Available Try Again Later” in a box.. Pls help? Would b great to watch an ad for 0.01cubies :D
  9. SSM_GOD

    How to "Farm" Cubits. Episode 2.

    As by request of @Cookie Kat, here is an updated version of How to "Farm" Cubits What are cubits? Cubits are an in-game currency that can be used on the ManaCube webstore as a coupon. Cubits have the same value on the store as they do in game, so 1 cubit = 1 U.S. dollar. What are the ways to...
  10. Tomburgers

    Legendary Chest to Parkour.

    On the Manacube store it says that there are Legendary keys available to be bought, it’s just a shame that these are not able to be used in Parkour since Ancient keys are able to be used most places. I feel like the Legendary chest should be added to parkour soon and have more exciting rewards...
  11. Roboplet

    Vote likn #5 didn't work.

    Hello, so on 27/28 of August, when i voted, vote link 5 didn't work. I didn't get any rewards and it didn't say that it registered my vote. Please, admins, fix. The reason I'm posting it on survival is because i play on survival and it didn't work there and i don't know if it is a server-wide...
  12. sparkypi

    "Welcome!" Rewards

    Similar to Scrambler, I think there should be a reward for saying "Welcome!" to new players. By doing this we would encourage friendliness on the server towards new players. There is a group of us who always try to say welcome to a new player when we can, but when I'm afk while eating or busy...