Olympus Season 4

Sep 2, 2020


  • Plots & Clans have merged together. The clan now owns the plots instead of individual players. You can still be added to plots that aren't a part of your clan though.
  • Plots are now 99x99, and a clan can own up to 4 plots.
  • Everything can now be managed through GUIs, can still use commands too.
  • Plots can now be upgraded for increased:
    Crop Growth, Spawner/Hopper Limit, Mob Loot, Mob XP, & Mob Spawning Rate.
  • Clans can now be leveled up, to access new upgrades & compete on the Leaderboard
  • Clans can now set warps on their plots. These warps can be set to private or public. Public warps can have an entry price a player must pay to use it & custom icon/description. When a user clicks your clan in the online clan directory, they will be shown a GUI of all your public warps.
  • Clans can now share items & mana through the Clan Bank & Clan Vault
  • Everything plot/clan related can be seen through the Clan Logs
  • Clans can now create a custom banner, this will be shown in GUIs & Leaderboards
  • Clans can now create custom titles for members in their private clan chat
  • Clans now have 6 different ranks that can be assigned to members:
    Co-Leader, Admin, Mod, Member, Coop, Guests
  • Each clan rank can be assigned different permissions:
    Bank Deposit/Withdraw, Inviting, Kicking, Cooping, Banning, Locking, Mob Damage, Interacting, Banner Design, Set Warps, Delete Warps, Set Titles
  • Plots can also be liked, and players can see & visit the top liked plots on the server.
  • There are 30 Clan Quests you can complete to unlock new upgrades for your plot.

  • Each God now has 3 challenges, totaling 36 rebirth challenges
  • You must complete at least 1 rebirth challenge from the previous God on Mount Olympus first. The Order is:
    Apollo > Demeter > Hermes > Poseidon > Aphrodite > Ares > Dionysus > Athena > Artemis > Hephaestus > Hera > Zeus
  • Many rebirth challenges are now more interactive, for example Apollo's challenges are
    Music Memory: Copy all the notes Apollo plays, like simon says
    Archery Accuracy: Kill all of the falling chicken with perfect accuracy
    Puzzle Pattern: Solve a puzzle in 2 attempts using the given riddle book
    Here is a preview of these:

    View attachment 43292

  • With new challenges comes new rewards, here is a sneak peek of some of the new exclusive God Items to be rewarded:
    View attachment 43279

  • After completing all 36 rebirth challenges, you can ascend as usual for $25m multiplied by your rebirth count. However you can now choose a god to put a rebirth point into when ascending.
  • Putting 12 rebirth points into a single God will unlock you a special title of that God (Eg. Aphrodite unlocks Aphrodite title)
  • There is also a leaderboard built into the ascension menu, showing the top players for that God

    View attachment 43280

  • Introducing The Forge, a place where you can craft spawners using spawner cores and fragments

  • All mobs have a rare chance of dropping fragments, and a very rare chance of dropping a spawner core of that type (Eg. Pigs drop Pig Spawner Cores)
  • To create a spawner, combine a core and 9 fragments @ The Forge.
  • All monsters in The Underworld have a chance at dropping every core available in the game.
  • You can no longer buy spawners from the server, only from other players & crafting them yourself.
  • There is no longer any slayer level requirements for mobs or spawners.

  • Spawners are now put into a "Broken" state after 50,000 mob spawns. You can click it to repair with either fragments, money, or a small amount of cubits.
    This gives incentive to manually grind for fragments to avoid the money/cubit sink.

  • Lore Lecterns have been added to each God Mine, click them to read lore & information about that particular God.

    View attachment 43281

  • Added Duel Arenas + Can stake mana against other players
  • New Tutorial
  • Kilton's Shop has been updated with new items & perks
  • You can now merge builder & sell wands together with /merge
  • Backpacks have been improved + can now own multiple backpacks
  • New anti-cheat software
  • Different sidebars based on the world you're in
  • Mana Pond event frequency increased
  • Removed purchasing of Mana Crystals
  • View distance doubled at Spawn & Underworld
  • Revamped keystone
  • Upgraded hardware specs
  • Rankups have been changed to match the new God Mines
    View attachment 43293


Olympus has been blessed with a brand new spawn, see album of pictures below:


Each God now has their own Mine, see album of pictures below:


Furniture can be obtained from two ways: crates or in-game shop. Exclusive furniture will be in the promotional monthly crates. But don't worry, we are also providing a lot of furniture for the in-game shop and these can be purchased with Mana & Cubits.
Any furniture bought/unlocked will be added to your personal storage which can be accessed with /furniture. To place furniture, navigate to the appropriate category and click on the desired item to select a color. You will then get the furniture item in your inventory. If you changed your mind, shift + click on the item to deposit it back into your storage. To place the furniture item, simply click on the block that you wish for it to spawn on. P.S, you can rotate furniture!

Your Clan, Cubits, Money & Mana are now shown at the top of your screen
New sidebars based on the world you are in


One of the biggest parts of this update is that we are now on the latest 1.16 version of Minecraft.
This allows us to do many new things such as custom animated pets and infinite color variations for titles!
You can access all of the new 1.16/1.15/1.14/1.13 items, blocks & features on Season 4


Instead of multiple stars, Season Legends will now receive a custom icon View attachment 43286 that changes based on how many season leaderboard positions you have. You can now view all legends through a new GUI
Unrelated, but Patrons will now also have a custom icon View attachment 43287 in chat & tab!
This new setup will be carried over to all ManaCube games asap


With the new spawner crafting system, and an entire sell price revamp, Olympus is now an active economy rather than AFK. You can still AFK mob grinders and some crops, don't expect this to get you on the leaderboard though.
This economy has been designed to stay healthy for 8+ months


Treasure Chest rewards have been updated so that they are not overpowered in early game, but are still valuable and worth the price late game!

Milestones are like achievements but long-term. Things like rebirthing 100 times, playing 500 hours & mining 10,000,000 blocks for examples..
We are still working on the rewards for these, and we can expand milestones easily.


Hades Volcano has been replaced with Hades Underworld. The Underworld has 4 layers, and has no requirements. To descend a layer, jump into the beacon lava pool underneath the spawn platform.
Each Layer has unique monsters, which get more powerful the deeper you go. The more powerful the monster, the greater the loot.
PvP is enabled everywhere, however you will keep your personal gear and only drop the loot you earn in The Underworld when you die.


There are currently 5 monsters in The Underworld
Hell Hounds, Styx Crawlers, Soul Mages, Lava Golems & Nether Dragons
You can type /hades for an overview of their stats, abilities and drops


Speaking of layers, soon you will be able battle the 3 headed Cerberus Boss - a giant enraged version of the Hell Hound. When you take out a head, the floor will crumble and collapse beneath you. Your party and Cerberus will be on a new battle floor with new abilities. Take out 2 heads and kill the final enraged version on the 4th floor to slay the boss and be rewarded with epic loot.
Sneak peek of the battle floors


The Underworld is a competitive place, with leaderboards for everything from specific monster type kills, legendary drop counts, player kills, boss kills, & more
There will be monthly rewards & titles for these leaderboards
And that's the end of the reveal! See you all on Sunday
This is so sick I cant wait...


Dec 23, 2019
Too hyped!!! I am counting down till reset!!