Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

Should Parkour update to 1.20?

  • Yes, update to 1.20

    Votes: 122 71.8%
  • No, stay on 1.8

    Votes: 43 25.3%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 5 2.9%

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Aug 14, 2023
I think switching to 1.20 only is just a bad idea. Like BluePottwal said, I agree with the idea of instead adding more content like rankup or one jump as an update, as I think it would make for a great update. Parkour in 1.9+ would just make it considerably more frustrating to do a whole bunch of jumps that are significantly easier to do in 1.8.9. I think going through and making every map possible in 1.9+ would just be too much effort for what the outcome will be. Then again, this is an opinion coming from a person who has played a ton a really cares about the quality of the game play solely. On my time on here, I haven't experienced any significant bugs that are worthy of deleting 1.8.9. Parkour does have the best feeling without a doubt on 1.8.9, so I would have to say 1.8.9 should stay.

For the work this would probably take to do, it just doesn't seem worth it at all.
That's all I'll be saying about this.


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Mar 2, 2021
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been months so i my two cents probably isnt worth anything but what the hell.

a few days ago i joined this server again for the first time in over a year. what struck me immediately was that nothing had changed. literally nothing was different apart from the occasional cough and splutter coming from the mapper community. even bugs and glitches i remember from before were still there (random rubber-banding on aa and when sprint jumping along slabs; useless chest where the vote crate preview used to be; checkpointing in challenge mode sometimes not restarting the timer; the pressure plates along the roads not working; basically anything to do with adventure maps at all lol).

In my opinion parkour does not belong to 1.9+.
Some people may argue that 1.12 is still okay, but having parkour for 3 years now with about 5000 hours of playtime over all servers i can say, that 1.8.9 has the best feeling for parkour.
this is just dumb, im sorry. having actually played 1.20 parkour and good friends with people who have hundreds/thousands of hours on minr, saying 1.8 is "simply better" is wrong. however strongly you feel like 1.8 is better, 1.20 mains will say the exact same thing about their version.

The server and mapmaking in particular is dead at the moment because 1.8 is so outdated that no one has any motivation to build with it anymore. There’s only so much you can do with terracotta and wool after 9 years. We’re losing an entire demographic (and the vast majority) of players, including builders. There are generations of Minecraft players who haven’t and never will boot up a decade-old version of the game. These players are just as talented at building and parkouring as anyone else and it’s about time we join the rest of the Minecraft community.

I am 100% confident that if existing players build 50-ish new maps and revamp a few more, and parkour receives the same cosmetic upgrades that the other realms on Manacube have, new players will stream in like 2020 all over again. I have never understood the appeal of staying on 1.8 when the possibilities are so much greater in newer versions and performance is no longer an issue.

the parkour server didnt get popular in 2020 and 2021 because of anything the admins did. it was dream's 5 block jump video. the lack of any similar content by streamers/youtubers is one of the reasons why the playercount has been dwindling since. guaranteed more people would play it if it was the latest version (for example: minr has had a boost in player count lately cuz feinberg started streaming on it; linkcraft nearly collapsed under new players early last year because a korean yter with 5k subscribers made a couple videos on it)

we gotta update, no other way to go about it. People coming in mainly play 1.19 and then leave due to the server not accommodating them, we're at a point where its the right call and i'll try explain below in this probably long rambly post.

The camp of players can be split up into 2 groups, Players and Creators and its no secret that these 2 groups have been at odds with each other for what they want.
dooble also speaks wisely. the 1.8 community as a whole, even outside of manacube, is certainly dying (though it will never go extinct). as fond as i am of 1.8 parkour, there are simply better servers elsewhere for it: the wider 1.8 parkour community sees manacube as a joke for a reason.
i cant speak for the creators, having never made a map (BadIceCream doesnt count), but what will staying in 1.8 achieve in the long-run for the players? just a continuation of the status quo where we see the server die even more than it already has? there are genuinely a lot of good concepts in 1.20 that havent been utilized anywhere near the extent that they could be because minr builders are wet and nobody else is interested. although 2021 me would hate to say, 2024 me thinks its time that changed.

some thoughts on updating all the insanes. yeah, it will be excruciating to update every map, since its not just blips and tiers that break anymore, but water, webs, soul sand, and then the 1.14 x/z facing changes. that completely changes the feel of a map and the only way to remedy that is to play them one by one changing as you go. some maps would need so much changing that they would be unrecognizable. surely the people who made those maps deserve some say? for instance, i think zzy should have a say in how Ivy and UpwardsJourney get changed since he, yknow, created them. this goes for all the other insanes that will need to go a full overhaul or even be scrapped altogether (shinx, will wolyung even be possible in 1.20?). if someone does not wish their maps to be changed away from their original design, or doesnt want anyone to change besides themselves, i think their wishes should be respected. this happened on minr not long ago when the server updated to 1.20: a lot of maps broke and it was up to the creators of those maps to fix them and if a builder was uncontactable, the map was removed indefinately.

another thing that struck me on coming back after a year was the nostalgia. there were some fucking good times and memories from the days when the server had hundreds of players, and now doing /seen to find out that those people have been offline for months is just sad. main reason i wanted to join community discord servers again.

yeah. anyway i go back to singleplayer now bye bye

obviously i wouldnt be able to play it because im permanently banned and i would never break the rules to evade this
this is the funniest post on these forums.
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