1. shxde

    How to train your dragon Crate

    i did this because i was bored add some suggestions, tell me you like it, or tell me you hate it How to train your dragon Crate 40 opened reward: Dragon Master (title) Toothless Fury Blade Toothless Fury Blade: Fire Aspect 5 Looting 8 Sharp 8 Strength 2 Dragon Master (title) "Dragon Master"...
  2. TheActualGhostie

    Valve (CS, TF2, DOTA, ETC) related limited ed. crates

    you guys love selling crates, imagine the money you'd make selling a minecraft AWP DragonLore and or an unusual burning team captain. We're talking buku bucks
  3. jacobsfunparty

    Suggestions for Parkour Crate Items

    Hey guys. Not sure if this will actually be looked at by staff but I had a few ideas for cool items that could be put into crates. All of them kind of follow the same theme of tracking some specific stat that isn’t normally tracked which I guess means admins would have to do a little more than...
  4. shxde

    Crate ideas

    just some future crate ideas inspired by movies and games and what not as i am not familiar with all crates, i apologise if i suggest a crate that has already existed (i was very bored) How to Train Your Dragon Crate - PLEASE Indiana Jones Crate God of War Crate - ALSO PLEASE...
  5. Dacon

    10 Year Anniversary

    Wow time flies, doesn’t it? We’ve been on this block game journey for a decade now. From our humble beginnings as MineVast, to the vast network it became. It’s been such an exciting experience with so many memories, thanks to our amazing community. To celebrate 10 Years we've released a...
  6. EndTheLag

    Dreamworks Crate

    So like, how has this not happened already, i have a lot of ideas ima suggest so here i go: Death sickles, holding it makes the whistling sound he does, the sound is already kinda present in ocarina (make it one handed so we can hold totems unlike the black widow batons. Also maybe make it 40...
  7. EndTheLag

    Crate idea

    I know this wont happen for a long time but I think manas 10th anniversary should be a manacube themed crate, Maybe like a survival themed sword, prisons themed pickaxe, skyblock themed armor, kitpvp themed bow or something, factions themed potion, parkour themed elytra? idk I haven't got this...
  8. Gillyox

    Decorate tha crates!

    Hello Manacubians and Manacube Staffsies! My name is Gilly (GiliamDiehl) and you can find me on tha survival realm! People know me for my crazy creations I make from armour stands. Since I got elite I was immediately messing around with the armour stand editor perk. Soon after using it a few...
  9. sophiaaah <3

    More inclusivity

    Manacube is a server that accesses many people all around the world. Although most of those players play from the United States, it's still unfair that there isn't more inclusivity on holidays celebrated in the United States on Manacube. Even though 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, a large...
  10. Hana_Ren

    (New Crate Idea) Hetalia/Anime

    Before you begin, Yes, I know there was an anime crate. So, what is Hetalia you might ask? Well, for those who don't know, it's basically an old/ish) anime that plays on both positive and negative cultural stereotypes of nations, personified as people, and based in ww2. It's...
  11. alexgamer88

    Trading 17.4 cubits for tons of survival items

    To buy elite in /cubitshop I need 17.4 more cubits, which I would ike to trade for, I will offer: -4 of each misc kit (not rank kit) -4 of whatever rewards I get from elite crate -Willing to give you every single cubit I still have after buying. Negotiable- and just fyi, the payout will take a...
  12. Legan320

    Parkour suggestion: Turn back the ability to sell crates on the Auction House

    Issue: Recently, there was implemented a new feature in which you can get only virtual the Season/Elite/Legendary keys, but you can still get the Mystery crates as usual (physically). It caused a problem, where you can sell Mystery, but can not sell other crates. Of course, you can create a...
  13. 808080808080

    18th of December and STILL no crate..

    It's the 18th of December, one week till Christmas and we still haven't received our new crate. If there's an issue a post from admins or owners would be nice. Hopefully it drops soon..
  14. Dakota

    Okay...hear me out...*Anime Crate*

    Not sure about how ManaCube goes about making crates in terms of copyright and all that Jazz. But, here's the Pitch: Armor Set: Helmet: Naruto's Headband (From Naruto) Luffy's Hat (From One Piece) Chestplate: Senketsu (From Kill La Kill) Leggings: Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (From...
  15. _Craftex_

    Covid Crate

    Hello, my friend and I (SimpTITAN and _Craftex_) had an idea for a covid crate, we where thinking you could make like a needle for a sword, a mask for a helmet even maybe covid infection ball (which infects people), why don't we turn something negative to something positive, for fun and would...
  16. MineVast

    Among Us Crate [!]

    Hello. You lookin' real sus xD Imposter-> Title Crewmate-> Title Sussy Title Imposters Knife | Gsword Imposter Chat Color | Red and Dark Red Chat Perks Emergency Meeting Button | Gadget Crewmate Luggage | $8,000 - $24,000 Sabotage Lights | Blindness Potions 500 Mana 32 EXP Bottles 8 Pearls 1...
  17. Axolotl


    We want an SSV trident, it would most likely have loyalty and the custom design could be like a posiden trident, or maybe a spear or smth, but most likely a trident design. (We also want SSV dirt?! That's what people are saying lol. Maybe it would be dirt that you can place like an infinite...
  18. cult

    Removing Ancient Chest/Party level chat messages.

    So as we all know, players can be muted for chat spam which definitely makes sense, but if that rule is in place they should also remove Ancient Chest and party level messages. They are essentially the same thing as chat spam as people often open Ancient Chests and level in very large quantities...
  19. AT0MICCHIk3N

    what is the best hats from the elite crate?

    which one do you prefer or want to get from the elite crate? why is it the best hat in the crate or for you? mine would be the demagorgon I have been a fan off stranger thing and this hats is amazing with the detail and the colors. what do you think?
  20. Capporo

    Chinese crate? Or lunar crate?

    Now the Chinese theme / culture is really interesting, I mostly love their way of design, their armor their households etc. A lunar/ Chinese event is really a great Idea . (And adding a lunar crate)