1. M a i s y

    Wedding Aftermath

    Maybe next time... ay..? Hope yall enjoyed the alcohol I brought
  2. Dacon

    10 Year Anniversary

    Wow time flies, doesn’t it? We’ve been on this block game journey for a decade now. From our humble beginnings as MineVast, to the vast network it became. It’s been such an exciting experience with so many memories, thanks to our amazing community. To celebrate 10 Years we've released a...
  3. Jake.

    Summer Pass Progression

    Hi so I was inspired to post this because of a /shout I made suggesting that every 1000 shells earned should give a small amount of pass xp, and it instantly got around 7 or 8 +1 replies which is pretty rare. So summer festival has been out a few days now and whilst its really good I think the...
  4. Mr. cobble

    Idea for an event

    Name of event: Musical TNT How it works: This game is similar the classic game, musical chairs. However, instead of starting the game with one less chair than you have players, it begins with an equal amount of chairs, but one of them is 'TNT chair', and it will explode. Players run as music...
  5. Dacon

    KitPVP 11.5 Event Update

    Firstly, the server has been renamed back to it's original name "KitPVP" You can still use /manapvp command to connect though 2 New events have been released, and the event schedule has been slightly tweaked. There is now an event every single hour from 10AM to 10PM Eastern Purge event...
  6. Acrellux

    Strider Races - ManaCube Event Idea

    HI YALL! So this is an idea for a new ManaCube event. This would be the first 1.16 event. Strider racing xD So you have a giant track with lava and all sorts of obstacles, and you sit on a saddled strider with the fungus on a stick and you direct the strider down the track. Whoever gets to the...
  7. AriesNinja

    4 Corners Results

    The first ever 4 corners event has ended. Here was the results: Congratulations Winner! More Info: This event will most likely be hosted more in the future. Please note that this event took a lot of planning, and we were kind of sad when we saw no staff :(. In the end, everything went...
  8. AriesNinja

    Get Ready For Tommorow's 4 Corner Event!

    Hello everyone! As you might know, the 4 corners event is tomorrow! That means that it is only about 17 hours away, and we are excited to begin! All you have to do is join /warp 4corners at the start time. For More Information regarding the event, open the link below. Link: here.
  9. AriesNinja

    First Weekly 4 Corners

    Hello Everyone! This Wednesday @ 9:00 PM (UTC), We Will Be Hosting A 4 Corners Event With A Winning Prize Of 0.25 Cubits (Server Wide Currency). The prize also now includes over 2 Playervaults full of loot! To Get To The Event, Simply Go To Aether (/aether), And Then Do /warp 4corners ...
  10. ✘ Zoqzey ✘

    EVENT - Rewards: Star Wars Keys!

    Grounded Crossword Puzzle Contest, Tuesday, 5/12/20 @ 4:00pm EST on Survival. The event will be between 4pm EST - 8pm EST. 5 Star Wars Keys Giveaway! All players with a completed puzzle will be entered to WIN! Warp will be announced later.
  11. Dacon

    Happy Easter 2020

    Happy Easter! Egg Hunt Easter Eggs have been hidden at spawns on every server (as well as the Parkour Lounge & Skyblock Slayer Regions). Find them all to unlock the [Easter2020] Tag! You can track your progress with the /eggs command Easter Treasure Chest This new treasure chest has...
  12. Sonic_Raptor

    Hyrule Treasure Hunt Event

    Hi everyone! Back with my 4th public unofficial Manacube event! Visit /warp Hyrule to participate, this event will be ongoing until all are found. Treasure Hunt Hidden around /warp Hyrule are 10x Glowing Treasure Chests. Example: Each of these heads can only be found once and I will...
  13. Mika

    PK Events

    Yo guys, I just got the idea, that it would be pretty cool if there's a /event command on parkour for everyone. The idea of it would be that everyone has the right to /event and it would be appearing in the chat. The hoster could decide what the prize for the winner is. As an example: I would do...
  14. Aloro

    Finished Parkour Tournament!

    Parkour Tournament! Saturday 2nd March 2pm EST || 7pm GMT Not your timezone? Click here! This Saturday staff are hosting the first Parkour Tournament of the year! Parkour your way through the maps faster than everybody else and moves on to the next stages. Each stage will be a harder difficulty...
  15. Dacon


    Ghost Hunting Hidden around all the spawns are ghost heads. If you can find them all you will unlock the GhostHunter title! Spooky Spawns All of our spawns have received a spooky makeover to go with the Ghost Hunting event. These spawns will be here until November 4th Halloween...
  16. Dacon

    2017 Present Hunt

    For the past 3 years we've done an Elf hunt in our lobbies. This year we decided to do a present hunt available on all servers (Except Creative & Lobbies. We'll be doing something else for Creative) Your present count is tracked on the servers info sidebars. There are 10 hidden presents in the...
  17. gumleaf

    Daily Quests + Skyblock Events?

    Personally, I feel like a lot of the Skyblock community feel left out with what we're getting through updates, it seems like there is only always updates to parkour, survival and creative, leading through to only having events for parkour/creative/survival. I feel like having Skyblock events...
  18. Wizful

    Finished LoveTag - Ongoing February Event

    The love tag event is an all new event coming to ManaCube on February 18th that will last until February 28th! In order to participate, all you must do is type /lovetag in game and you will be placed in the lovetag server, where you can join an arena. Each arena will consist of 12-24 players...
  19. HelloKittyRo

    [Event] KitPvP Round 1 (Ev. 1)

    Hello everyone! It is me, Ro! Today I decided to start an event which I hope you will all like the idea of! I am hosting an event called the KitPvP Rounds. The rounds never end, it basically depends on how long the event goes on for. Round 1 and (Ev. 1) are the same thing, just in different...
  20. Wizful

    Finished The PvP Throne - KitPvP Event

    PvP Throne Saturday, February 4th 2:00 pm EST (Is your timezone different than EST? Click here!) Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am excited to announce PvP Throne, an upcoming tournament style event! Here are the details: The ManaCube staff team will also be hosting a separate PvP...