1. Whiskerando

    The Challenge

    Hi. I've recently introduced an alternate type of game onto the Creative server called The Challenge. It's a multi-round strategy and physical competition with 1 goal. Win. Here's how it works. You start out with anywhere between 5-10 people. You start out in a competition of some random...
  2. Wizful

    Finished The PvP Throne - KitPvP Event

    PvP Throne Saturday, February 4th 2:00 pm EST (Is your timezone different than EST? Click here!) Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am excited to announce PvP Throne, an upcoming tournament style event! Here are the details: The ManaCube staff team will also be hosting a separate PvP...
  3. S

    Concerning PvP - Bringing back the dead

    The Dead After having played on MineVast for at least 3 to 4 months, I can safely say that the server I am most interested about is the survival one; having a vast world to explore, playing on 1.9 with the new end, pvp and items, interacting via building, managing resources or fighting with...