Nov 19, 2018
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My take on this whole fiasco with the list of resetvault items

The people who bought direct items i.e. sell wands and inifnity chests should get to keep them, also items like primordial pickaxe and basically anything in the black market section that isn't too strong (64 dragonfruit)

To the people complaining about not being able to bring over blast, its a dumpster fire rn and from my perspective its like this:
i bought many keys yet never got any really good items i usually got trash, the thing to take away from that is that i didnt buy the items i got, i bought keys for a chance at attaining those items. I got a santa suit (doesn't affect gameplay much) so i should be able to keep it, along with titles, auras and "cosmetic" items. Had i gotten a blast pick i would be completely fine and i would understand the massive issue that carrying overpowered endgame enchantments to a freshly reset server .However, what these people should get as a sort of compensation to the removed enchant is a good starter pick WAIT A MINUTE they got exactly that, a reeeally good starter pick in comparison to others.

As dumpster fires go this one wasn't that bad it was just a bunch of people having "calm"(?) debates around wheter they should keep their stuff.
Dec 30, 2018
Thats legit, you dont even know how excited I am, expecially because I just got unbanned so this reset is a fresh new start for me :D.
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