Skyblock Season 12


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Jan 19, 2021
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New World:

  • Wolfhaven world revamped on a grand scale.
  • Plans for similar updates to other worlds.

  • Introduces Fungo, an NPC in the mushroom forest.
  • Speedrun Tasks with rewards, parkour required.
Adamant Forge:

  • Exchange mined adamant fragments for tools and armor.
Wolfhaven Mobs:

  • Dynamic ores in Dwarven Mines.
  • Great Wolf and Mana Golem bosses with unique abilities.
Wheat Farm:

  • Harvest Wolfhaven Wheat for valuable rewards.
Minion System:

  • Revamped Minion system with Mana and Alchemist Minions.
Ancient Trials Update:

  • Version 1.20 with Co-Op, new map, 10 classes, and revamped waves.
  • Work in progress updates include Endless Mode and Legacy Mode.
Server Upgrades:

  • Version 1.20.2 with McMMO improvements, task board update, and more.
  • New leaderboard system with monthly cubit payouts.
Item Enhancer:

  • Combine non-SVA items for enhanced versions.
Other Updates:

  • Prospector shops, new mini golems, updated loot tables.
  • Island-related additions like private worlds, browser, and new settings.
1.20 Items and Shops:

  • New items, shops, enchant books, titles, and challenges.
Season Challenges:

  • Four new challenges with the ability to complete multiple times.

  • Significant updates across multiple aspects of the game, introducing new features, challenges, and improvements.


May 16, 2022
New beginnings is always fun. I am looking forward to it. Thank you to everyone that made it possible with hard work and dedication


Dec 6, 2022
lets go

Private Invite Beta: December 6th
ELITE Beta: December 7th

What Resets:
Islands, Inventories, Currencies, Skills, Most stats
What is kept:
Rank, Cubits, Season Vault, Unlocked Perks

Wolfhaven has been revamped with an entire new world, monsters, NPCs, event bosses & more!

| New World

The Wolfhaven world is the same layout as the original, but on a much grander and more detailed scale.​
(Especially the Dwarven Mines, preview only shows 20%)​
We have plans to give the same treatment to all our worlds in their own updates (Tangleroot, Sandara, Icehaven etc.)​

| Fungo

Fungo is a new NPC that lives in the mushroom house in Wolfhaven’s mushroom forest. The forest has magical properties that prevent flying, and to reach the inside you requires completing a short parkour course. (This can be bypassed with Fungo’s Staff ability)​
Fungo gives out Speedrun Tasks which are tasks that must be completed in a very short amount of time.​
  • Mine and bring Fungo 30 Quarry Iron in 5 minutes
  • Kill 10 Yetis and return to Fungo in 5 minutes
  • Catch 25 fish and return to Fungo in 5 minutes
You can choose between Adventure/Slayer tasks, and the objectives are always the same.​
Successfully completing a task and returning to Fungo before the timer runs out will earn you Fungo Points! These points can be used to unlock 15+ items/rewards from Fungo’s Shop​
There is also a record book with leaderboards for fastest times on each task​
  • Mana Minions
  • Minion XP Booster
  • Mushroom Cap Helmet
  • Fungo's Staff
  • Mystery Spawner Core
  • [YoureShroomed] Title
  • [FUNGUY] Title
  • Spawner Fragments
  • Fungi Fueled Teleporter (Mushroom themed teleport pads)
  • Mana Potion
  • Mushroom Furniture Bundle
  • Mana Wolf Pin
  • Baby Mush Buddy Pet
  • Leaf Bow

| Adamant Forge

Bring the adamant fragments you mine to the Master Forger underneath Wolfhaven’s spawn. Here you can exchange them for various Adamant Tools & Armour, and other rewards.​
  • Adamant Armor Set (Health Boost, Speed, Unbreakable)
  • Adamant Talisman (+20% Adamant Fragments, Click to teleport to Dwarven Mines)
  • Adamant Sword (+35% Golem Damage, Spark Particles)
  • Adamant Shield (Protected from Monster Knockback)
  • Adamant Pickaxe (Mines adamant 3x faster)
  • Adamant Scythe (4x4 +10% Harvester Hoe)
  • 500 Smelting McMMO XP
  • Mystery Spawner Core
  • Spawner Fragments
  • [ADAMANT] Title

| Wolfhaven Mobs
  • Mana Wolf ❤️85
    Location: Forest & Great Wolf Mountain
    Drops: Mana Wolf Bones, Wolfhaven Wheat, Wolf Helmet, Bone Axe

  • Mana Slime ❤️30
    Location: Slime Cave
    Drops: Mana Slime Block, Adamant Fragment, Slime Boots

  • Dwarven Miner
    Location: Dwarven Mines
    Drops: Coal, Iron, Gold, Adamant Fragment, Spawner Fragment, Adamant Pickaxe, Howl Horn

  • Dwarven Wizard
    Location: Dwarven Mines
    Drops: Iron, Gold, Enchantment Scroll, Success Dust, Magic Flying Cookies, Fireball Wand

  • Dwarven Guard
    Location: Dwarven Mines
    Drops: Coal, Iron, Gold, Adamant Fragment, Spawner Fragment, Adamant Sword, Howl Horn

  • Mini Golems
    Location: 2% chance to spawn when mining an ore
    Drops: Ores, Success Dust, Spawner Cores, Fragments, Protection Scroll, Mana Chestplate, Golems Potion

  • Magic Mooshroom
    Location: Mushroom Forest
    Drops: EXP Bottles, Mushrooms, Magic Flying Cookie, Success Dust, Magic Shroom,

| Resources

The ores throughout the Dwarven Mines are always regenerating, each time into a new ore (Either Coal, Iron, Gold or Adamant). Meaning the best ore locations are now always random.​
The Prospector will purchase these ores for a higher price than the Main Shop's vanilla item sell value.​

| Great Wolf Boss

The Great Wolf is a fierce new boss located in the lair atop the Great Wolf Mountain. In order for this boss to summon, 1500 Mana Wolves must be slain by anyone in Wolfhaven. A summon stone is located outside the boss lair showing how much progress is left.​

| Great Wolf Abilities

Dead Howl
Summons a pack of Mana Wolves to defend the boss​
Mana Storm
Jumps into a storm cloud above and drops unstable explosive potions underneath it. These potions deal critical damage on impact and also leave a lingering slowness effect.​
Jump Attack
Jumps high into the air with an AOE indicator of where it will land. Dives back to the ground with a smash effect, dealing critical damage & velocity to impacted players.​

| Great Wolf Loot Table
  • Spawner Cores
  • Legendary Enchantment Books
  • Mana/Money/Soul/EXP Pouches
  • Adamant Fragments
  • Ancient Crate Key
  • Mob Head Booster
  • McMMO Booster
  • Adamant Ingots
  • Large Soul/Mana/Money Pouches
  • Builder Wands
  • Harvester Hoes
  • Boss Tag
  • Legendary Crate Key
  • Holy Scrolls
  • Mythical Wolf Helmet
  • Wolf Boss Blade
  • Legendary Box

| Mana Golem Boss

The Mana Golem Boss also has a summon stone, with a requirement of 5000 ores mined in Wolfhaven by all players.​
The golem boss lair is located in the Dwarven Mines.​

| Mana Golem Abilities:

Elemental Resonance
Changes its form to either be Netherite, Diamond or Iron. The boss has 50% damage resistance to any weapon types that do not match its form. (Example: Using netherite sword against the golem in Diamond form will have -50% damage reduction, and it is recommended to use a diamond weapon.)
Deepslate Regeneration
4 times throughout the fight, 4 obsidian blocks are erected around the boss lair. These blocks send particle streams to the Golem Boss that regenerate its health. This regeneration process does not stop until all 4 obsidian blocks are mined.​
Throws up to 10 players in front of it into the air like an iron golem.​

| Wheat Farm

Here you can harvest up to x Wolfhaven Wheat per day. The wheat is tougher and takes more time to harvest, but is also worth x more when sold to the Wheat Warden inside. This warden also buys Mana Wolf Bones for $175 as they are the special ingredient behind Wolfhaven Wheat.​
Inside the farm you’ll also find your collection log.​

The Minion system has been revamped again. Spawner minions will not exist on release, but we're open to adding them back if the community wants. Here's a breakdown of how the 2 new minions work: Mana & Alchemist

| Mana Minion

Mana Minions can be unlocked from Fungo & Kilton. When placed down, they harvest mana from different types of activity on the entire island. You can select which proficiency/activity the minion collects mana from: Mining, Farming, Slayer, Fishing

ProfessionAmount Req.Mana EarnedHourly Limit
Mining 1 0.1-30 5000
Fishing 1 1-10 5000
Farming 1 0.25 5000
Slayer 1 0.2-2 5000
Mana Minions can be leveled up with in-game money, each level increasing it's max storage capacity.
Proficiencies also have their own levels (Levels up automatically) which increases the % of mana earned by 1% per level.

Mana Minions can then be linked to an Alchemist Minion on the same island, automatically transferring mana to it.
Multiple mana minions can be linked to a single alchemist minion.

Mana can be manually deposited into a minions storage, but it cannot be withdrawn.

| Alchemist Minion

Alchemist Minions use mana to create items. These items pop out of the minion, meaning you should setup an area on your island to collect the items. Alchemists start off only being able to spawn basic items, but they can be upgraded to unlock new tiers of items.

Level Req.TypeItem CreationBase AmountMana CostFail RateTime
1 Stable Iron Nugget 5 1 10% 5s
2 Stable Nether Wart 5 1 10% 5s
5 Stable Watermelon 5 1 10% 5s
7 Stable Carrot 5 1 10% 5s
13 Stable Gold Nugget 5 1 10% 5s
16 Stable Sugar Cane 5 1 10% 5s
19 Stable Chorus Fruit 5 1 10% 5s
35 Stable Prismarine 5 1 10% 5s
45 Stable Lapis Lazuli 5 1 10% 5s
3 Unstable Mushroom 5 3 50% 10s
10 Unstable Amethyst 5 3 50% 10s
30 Unstable Gold Ingot 5 3 50% 10s
50 Unstable Diamond 5 3 50% 10s
60 Unstable Emerald 5 3 50% 10s
25 Eureka EXP Bottles 100 30 75% 30s
40 Eureka Netherite Srap 1 30 75% 30s
55 Eureka Adamant Fragment 1 30 75% 30s
70 Eureka Spawner Fragment 1 30 75% 30s

Excited to announce that Ancient Trials has finally been updated! Tons of new features and an improved playing experience.

| Updates:
  • Updated to version 1.20
  • Co-Op mode with up to 4 players
  • Brand new map and lobby
  • Bug fixes
  • 10 new classes
  • Revamped waves
  • New Boss (Trial Guardian)
  • Sneaking to show mob outline now also shows mob difficulty
  • Per-arena chat channels & global chat channel
  • Updated rewards shop

| WIP Updates:
  • Endless Mode
  • Legacy Mode (Old map)
  • Global Server (This update will be coming to all realms, all sharing the same Trials server)

| Reward Shop
There are 2 currencies obtainable: Gold Coins and Relics.​
Gold coins are earned for every mob kill during a wave, and relics are earned by winning a Trial.​
Relics are used to purchase the higher-end rewards in the shop.​

| Classes
There are 10 new classes, each with unique perks. You can view details on each class in the main lobby or in the class selection room once you’ve joined an arena​
There is a class for every playstyle!​
Survivor, Archer, Mage, Berserker, Paladin, Healer, Tank, Ranger, Assassin, Pyromaniac​

| Upgrades
There are 12 upgrades you can purchase during a trial using the XP earned from killing mobs​
  • Netherite Sword
  • Netherite Axe
  • Bow
  • 64x Arrows
  • 32x Steak
  • Golden Apple
  • Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Health Potion (Heals 4 hearts)
  • Poison Elixir (Removes Poison effect)
  • Wither Elixir (Removes Wither effect)
  • Levitation Elixir (Removes Levitation effect)
  • Dog Bone (Spawns a dog that will attack mobs)

| Wave System
We have totally reworked the wave system. There are 10 waves with a boss fight on the last wave. Mobs are categorized into 3 difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard) and each wave will spawn a predetermined amount of random mobs from each category meaning you’ll need to fight different mobs each Trial. There are 6 spawn points around the arena.​
Zombie, Skeleton, Slime, Magma Cube, Endermite, Silverfish, Piglin, Zombified Piglin, Pillager, Creeper
Husk, Stray, Witch, Hoglin, Blaze, Cave spider, Illusioner, Ghast
Wither Skeleton, Vindicator, Ravager, Evoker, Piglin Brute, Iron golem, Enderman, Shulker
Harder mobs will give more XP, the formula for XP is:​
Easy: (1 + phase) * alive players
Medium: (2 + phase) * alive players
Hard: (3 + phase) * alive players

  1. 12 Easy
  2. 12 Easy, 6 Medium
  3. 18 Easy, 12 Medium
  4. 12 Easy, 18 Medium
  5. 30 Medium
  6. 30 Medium, 6 Hard
  7. 12 Easy, 24 Medium , 6 Hard
  8. 18 Easy, 30 Medium, 6 Hard
  9. 24 Easy, 30 Medium, 12 Hard
  10. 25 Easy, Boss

The minimum amount of XP obtainable during a trial is 3173, actual XP will be slightly higher if Slimes, Magma Cubes or Vexes from Evokers spawn​

| Co-Op Mode
Players can now play in lobbies of up to 4 people! Mob difficulty and quantity will stay the same if playing with others but you will get an increased amount of XP per kill depending on how many players are alive during your game (see formula under Wave System). Rewards will also be scaled down if playing in a co-op lobby​

  • Server upgraded to version 1.20.2
  • Lots of McMMO Improvements (XP Scaling, GUIs, Ability balancing)
  • Task Board Update (Complete adventure/slayer tasks)
  • Enchantment Update
  • Daily PvP Tournaments
  • Duels Update (New Kits & Arenas)
  • Keystone Updated (Layout)
  • Boss Loot Updated
  • Mana Pond Loot Updated
  • Lots of bug fixes

  • New Leaderboard System
    5 Categories of monthly cubit payouts: Island Top, Harvests, Mob Kills, Event Score, Player Kills
    Placing top 5 in these categories will also reward you with a special trophy item that can be placed down
    Cubit payouts are also now automatically sent out at the end of the month.

All custom non-sva items can now be combined together to create an Enhanced version!

The Item Enhancer is located beside the Enchanter building at spawn. Clicking it will open a menu where you can insert 4 of the same item types. The enhancer will consume these items and output an enhanced version with better enchantments and abilities!

  • Prospector Shops
    There is now a prospector NPC in each of the worlds. You can sell world-specific resources for a much higher price than vanilla shop sell prices.

  • Monster Loot Log has been updated
  • New Mini Golems monsters that have a 2% chance of spawning when mining an ore in one of the worlds
  • Updated loot tables for most monsters
  • You now respawn in the world you died in
  • Personal gear items are now kept on death in Burninglands (world loot still dropped)
  • Mining resources in the worlds is now blocked if you are combat tagged

  • 5 new Island Quest Tiers (Insane, Epic, Prestigious, Legendary, Godly)
  • Private Worlds (Island are now in their own private worlds)
  • Island Browser (Browse other islands based on likes, players online, level, friends etc.)
  • New settings (Browser Icon, Notifications, Time, Weather, Guest Limit)
  • Can own 1 island and also be a member of 6 other islands
  • Default border size increased to 200x200 and can be expanded up to 800x800 by completing challenges
  • New cobblestone ore generator rates
  • New Island GUI

  • 1.20 Items added to /Shop
  • Prospector Shop added to each of the Worlds
  • Fishing Armor Set added to Huey's Shop
  • New Enchant Books, Titles & Farming Talisman added to Kilton's Shop
  • New Task Board Point Shop
  • New Furniture Shop (+ 100 new furniture items and can now also purchase using mana)

4 new season challenges have been added (10 total)​
McMMO Challenge (Reach Power level 5,000)​
Pond Challenge (Catch 1,000 Pond Drops)​
Task Challenge (Complete 300 Task Board Tasks)​
Mob Kill Challenge (Slay 1,000,000 Mobs)​

  • Can now complete most challenges multiple times (Requirements increase each time)
  • Each challenge gives a base SVA & tag, every additional completion rewards player with challenge crate

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